Add the Recipe Clipper Extension to Chrome, Edge, Opera, Brave, or Firefox browsers to quickly import recipes to your Plan to Eat account through the extensions toolbar.

Find the Extension in the Chrome Web Store and click the blue Add to Chrome/Edge/Opera/Brave button. 

Find the Extension in the Firefox Add-On Store and click the Add to Firefox button.

After adding the Extension to your browser, you can pin it to your toolbar for quick access.

Instructions for pinning the extension:

  1. Click on the jigsaw/cube icon top-right to bring up the extensions manager.
  2. Find the Plan to Eat extension.
  3. Click on the pin icon so it turns blue.
    • Leaving the pin icon outlined will hide the icon from the toolbar, but still able to be accessed from the jigsaw/cube icon menu. 
    • In Firefox, use the gear icon next to the extension name and select "Pin to Toolbar". 

To save recipes to your Plan to Eat account:

  1. Navigate to a recipe in your browser and click on the Plan to Eat Extension
  2. Click the Import New Recipe button from the Clipper side panel. 
  3. If you make any additional changes to the recipe in the import window, when you're done making changes click Save
    • You can leave the Recipe Clipper open in the side panel and click Import when you navigate to a new recipe.