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The Staples List is the place to store items that you purchase frequently and want to remember when you are making your shopping list, but will not show up in your shopping list because they aren't ingredients in recipes. This might be things like bananas, apples, trash bags, paper towels, or shampoo.

You can access your Staples List from your Plan to Eat Shopping List.

When you first look at your Staples List you will notice that there are a few items we have put in there for you. You can edit this list and customize it however you would like. When you hover over an item you will see that an Edit icon (looks like a pencil) and a Delete icon (looks like a trash can) appear.

If you click on the Delete icon it will hide the item from your staples list.

If you click on the Edit icon you will be able to set the amount (the quantity) that you usually purchase of that item, the units (the type of measurement), change the title, assign that item to a different store category (so it shows up in the correct place on your list), and any additional notes.

New staple items can be added to your list by clicking the Add Items button at the top. When you add a new staple, or a list of staples at one time, you have the option to assign it to a category (so that it shows up in the correct part of the store), and you can also assign that item to a particular store.

Items in your Staples List can be moved from one store to another simply by checking on that item or group of items and selecting a new store from the drop down menu of Grocery Stores.

Once you have all of your regular staples on your list the way that you want them organized, you are ready to add those items to your next shopping list. Before printing out your list or making a trip to the grocery store, pay a visit to your Staples List. Need Olive Oil? Check. Need Napkins? Check. Go through and select all of the items that you will need. You will notice that they stay checked with a subtle yellow color behind them.

Copy selected items to your shopping list and assigned store by using the Copy Items to Shopping List button in the menu at the top of your list.

Once the items are copied, they will appear on your shopping list and you are ready to hit the stores without forgetting a thing.


Try it out!

Where is the Staples List?