We are often approached by health coaches and nutritionists who want to use Plan to Eat for their business or host a cleanse for their clientele. Though Plan to Eat is designed primarily for individual household use, it can be used for professional use as well:

  1. Set up a Plan to Eat account that is specific to your cleanse or health coaching business by signing up for a free 30 day trial. If you use Plan to Eat for your personal meal planning, you may need to log out of your current Plan to Eat account in order to view the signup page. You'll want to give this account a username that is specific to your purpose because people will see your username, something like: Your Rockin’ Cleanse. You will also need to use an email different from your personal account.
  2. Contact us! ([email protected]) In that email, tell us a bit about what you are doing and include your email address and the account username. If appropriate, we will switch that account over to an Advertising account. An Advertising account works exactly the same way as a normal account, but you won't be charged for it. This allows you to share Plan to Eat with your clients or cleanse participants without purchasing a separate dedicated account.
  3. Once your account is set up, join the Referral Tracking Program (here is an article explaining more about that). Everyone receives a free 30 day trial, which may be enough to get them through your cleanse, but if users continue to use Plan to Eat with a paid subscription after their trial you will receive a 20% commission.
  4. On the Promotional Tools page you will see a section with the heading Referral Options. [1] Place a check next to the box that reads "Automatically share my (non-private) recipes with people that send me a friend request or visit my referral link." This will automatically link the recipes in your cleanse account to their account through the Friends tab. [2] Customize your Referral URL to the name of the cleanse. This will allow you to send out a link that reads something like https://www.plantoeat.com/ref/myrockincleanse
  5. Load your recipes into your cleanse/company account. When your clients and participants sign up for their Plan to Eat account through your referral link they will see your recipes through their Friends tab (here is an article about that).
  6. Create menus, which are also accessible through the Friends feature, for your cleanse. A menu will allow your cleanse participants to drag your menu onto their calendar and plan the entire cleanse in one drag-and-drop. Here is an article explaining menus.
  7. At this point you are all set up. Send your referral link to your cleanse participants and they should be all set from there.

If you have any additional questions about this, please let us know. Thanks for using Plan to Eat for your business!