There are two ways to get your clients set up with Plan to Eat.

  1. You can buy gift subscriptions for your clients
  2. You can send them a friend request from your account and they will be able to see your recipes and saved menus from their account.
    • All you need is their name and email to get started.

Buying Gift Subscriptions

If you would like to purchase bulk subscriptions, we can send you a Paypal invoice for the number of subscriptions you would like to purchase. If you are interested in this option, we also offer discounts on bulk subscriptions.

  1. 25 to 99 subscriptions can be purchased in bulk at 20% off
  2. 100+ subscriptions can be purchased in bulk at 30% off

With this process, we can set it up so that your clients are automatically connected to your account through our friends feature. If you don’t need to connect your account to your clients accounts, then you do not have to use this feature. 

Please note: Annual subscriptions, single or bulk, can be purchased at 50% off during our Holiday Sale in November

Create an account for each of your clients

Another option is to create an account for each of your clients. If you set up each account, this will give you access to their login details and you can customize their account so that it is unique to them and their needs. You can login and create their meal plans and add recipes to their account.

Friends Feature: How to share your recipes and menus with your clients

The Friends feature helps you share your recipes and menus with your client’s accounts. With the friends feature, you can:

1. Share your public recipes

If your clients already have a Plan to Eat account, you can add them as Friends in Plan to Eat.  Navigate to your Friends page by clicking on the tab in the left hand column of your Recipe Book.

When you connect with someone as a friend, they have access to all of your public recipes and saved menus within their personal account. Unless you have separate accounts, there is not a way to pick and choose what different friends see. All of your friends see all of your public recipes. 

Learn more about privacy on recipes.

2. Create and share menus.

Your meal planner (calendar) is completely private to your account--even if you have friends. The only way to share a meal plan is to save it as a Menu. Until you save the menu, only you will be able to view what you have planned.

Learn more about the Menu's feature

Note: If you are participating in our affiliate program you can only receive commissions from clients that sign up from a friend request, not from a gift subscription.


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