1) Can I sync my Plan to Eat calendar with my Google Calendar or iCal?

Yes, you can share your Plan to Eat calendar with other calendar software, as long as it is in iCalendar format (Apple’s iCal, Google Calendar, and Microsoft Outlook use the iCalendar format).

Subscribing to your Plan to Eat calendar feed is a little different for each calendar software, learn more about sharing your meal plan with other calendars.

2) How can I track the nutritional info of my recipes with Plan to Eat?

If you import a recipe from a website that gives nutritional information, those numbers will be automatically imported with your recipe. If there’s no nutritional facts given, they can be manually entered into your PTE recipes. On the bottom of each recipe, there’s a spot for Nutrition Facts. 

To track specific nutritional data, open the Meal Planner Options to include nutritional information in the Planner; recipes containing nutrition information will display that information under the recipe.

If you’re using a program like Weight Watchers to plan your meals, you can add a nutritional score per serving and when you plan, you’ll see the score add up on your Planner.

Learn more about Nutritional Information in recipes.

3) How do I add different tags and categories?

You can customize your tags, categories, courses, cuisines, and main ingredients to whatever you would like!  

Learn more about customizing your Recipe Book on the website.

Learn more about customizing your Recipe Book on the app.

4) How can I share a shopping list with my spouse or family member?

You can print your shopping list or text a PDF version of it to someone else. However, you can also share your account with your spouse and family.

To share a meal plan with your household, you can share login credentials. We do not offer an option or multiple logins for one account at this time. A few helpful notes for sharing an account with others:

  • There is no limit to the number of times the Recipe Clipper can be installed, so each person can add this tool to their personal computers and devices.
  • Each user can create a course category or tag in the Recipe Book. This will allow you to know who added what recipes to the account.
  • If necessary, users can add notes to the Planner to help determine who is planning or making changes/updates.

5) Why won’t my ingredients merge?

Ingredients will automatically merge when their names and units match. For example, minced garlic, will not merge with chopped garlic because of the variance in the titles. However, you can edit ingredients in your shopping list, so they will merge for easier shopping.

  1. Click the pencil icon next to an ingredient you’d like to edit.
  2. In the edit item dialog, you can change the name, amount, and units.
  3. Once the edited ingredients match, they will merge.

If you edit an ingredient for a recipe, your shopping cart will always populate it as that edited version, to ensure it merges.

Learn more about manually merging ingredients.

6)  Do you have any coupons available?

Plan to Eat does not offer coupon codes and your account does not have a place to enter a coupon code on the checkout page.

We have one sale per year in late November for 50% off an annual subscription. When we hold this sale, the discount will be automatically applied in the system and the discounted rate will be visible when you purchase.