Plan to Eat is a DIY recipe organizer, meal planner, and shopping list. The quickest way to get started is by adding recipes to your account, so you can start making meal plans with recipes that work for you! Once you add recipes to your meal planning calendar, your shopping list will be generated for you. 

The Recipe Book

Your recipe book is where you can gather recipes from all over the web and your family cookbooks, into one place. Adding recipes to your Plan to Eat account is the first step in getting started. 

When you start with Plan to Eat, your recipe book will be empty, but you have multiple options for adding recipes both on our desktop site and App.

  1. Our web browser Recipe Clipper
  2. The mobile Share Extension Clipper (available on iOS and Android)
  3. Import from the Web
  4. Manually adding recipes
  5. Bulk recipe import (only available on desktop)
  6. Add Friends and explore the Challenges section 

Learn more about The Recipe Book features.

The Meal Planner

Once you have recipes saved to your Recipe Book you can add them to your Planner to create custom meal plans that fit your family's needs!

To add a recipe to your meal planner:

  1. Click and hold on the handle icon of a recipe you want to add.
  2. Drag it to any day on your planner.

After a recipe has been added to your planner, you can move it around to other days, or order it among other already planned items or meal times.

Learn more about The Meal Planner features.

The Shopping List

The Shopping List automatically generates an organized list of ingredients based on the recipes and ingredients on your Meal Planner. The shopping list connects to a specific range of dates on your planner and creates a list from the recipes planned on those dates.

You can add your own items to the shopping list and keep track of frequently purchased items with the Staples List.

Learn more about The Shopping List features.

You can also access your shopping list from your phone and check ingredients off in real time at the store. 

Learn more about The Shopping List in the App.



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