To install the Recipe Clipper on most browsers:

You will first need to enable your favorites or bookmarks bar. Then simply click and hold the "Add to PTE" button below to drag and drop it to your bookmarks bar. 




Special circumstances: 

Manual install on Desktop browsers

If you cannot use the drag and drop button above, you can manually install the Recipe Clipper to your bookmarks bar. Learn how to install the Recipe Clipper manually on your browser for your desktop computer. 

Manual install on Edge

Step-by-step on how to install the Recipe Clipper on the Edge browser.


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recipe clipper bookmark bookmarklet browser icon import download saver How do I add recipes? how do you download recipes from other websites? I need to reinstall the book mark Many browsers hide the bookmark bar by default, which it difficult to install if the Recipe Clipper is not available to you. If you do not see a bookmark bar in your browser, it is very easy to turn it on. Though these instructions will vary somewhat depending on your browser: If you are in Internet Explorer (you must be using the desktop version) go to: Tools > Toolbars > Favorites Bar Once you can view your bookmark bar, installing the bookmark, regardless of which browser you are in, is as simple as dragging the red Save Recipe (PTE) button into your bookmark bar. Unable to log in to the bookmark? Make sure your browser is accepting third party cookies. You may find, particularly when using Internet Explorer, that you need to log in to in another browser tab before using the bookmark. If you are still having trouble logging please let us know.