The Cook section of your account is your custom Recipe Book, there are two views to the Recipe Book: recipe cards or spreadsheet. Each view will show you basic information about your recipes, such as Title, Source, Number of Times Planned and Tags.
You can toggle between the views from the icons next to the "Add Recipe" button.

What you can do in the Recipe Book:

Importing recipes

Your recipe book is where you can gather recipes from all over the web and your family cookbooks, into one place. Adding recipes to your Plan to Eat account is the first step in getting started. 

We have four main ways of importing recipes to your account, including (but not limited to):

Learn more about adding recipes to your Recipe Book.

Organizing your Recipe Book

You can organize your Recipe Book by selecting the Course, Cuisine, Main Ingredient, or adding Tags, and giving it a star Rating. You can customize all these options to keep your recipes easy to find in your account.

Learn more about using these tools for recipe organization.

Filter and Search

The filter and search options give you an easy way to find any recipe you've imported, and find recipes that meet your meal planning needs.

Learn more about the filter and search for recipe options.

Change Servings Sizes

  1. Open the recipe.
  2. Scroll to the Ingredients section.
  3. Under the Scaled Ingredients tab, change the number under "Serves".
  4. Press Change to complete the process.

You can change the serving size of a recipe to meet your family's needs, or change the serving and yield of the original recipe, if you find it's not accurate. 

Learn more about changing a recipe serving size

Cooking View

The Cooking View allows you to view a recipe in an easy to follow format as you prepare the recipe in the kitchen.

Learn more about how to use your laptop, phone, or tablet to view a recipe with in Cooking View.

The Queue

The Queue allows you to segment a portion of your recipe book for quick planning. Or as a place to save your most frequently planned recipes.

Add recipes to your Queue using the star icon.

Learn more about the Queue.

Prep Notes

Prep Notes allow you to save notes with your recipes. These appear on your Planner, reminding you what you need to do to prep for a recipe.

Learn more about Prep Notes

Metric Conversion

Quickly convert recipes between Customary and Metric units, regardless of the recipe's original units of measurement. 

Learn more about Metric Conversion.

Export your Recipe Book

Whether you have a current or expired Plan to Eat subscription, you can export your Recipe Book to a file. There are two export options:

  • .txt file which is best for personal use
  • .csv is a spreadsheet that's designed to be imported into another program.

Learn more about exporting your Recipe Book.


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