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 The Planner and the Shopping List are connected. The shopping list automatically generates an organized list of ingredients based on the recipes and ingredients on your meal planner. The shopping list will look at a specific range of dates on your planner and base the list off of the recipes within those dates.

By default the date range on the shopping list is set for the next 7 days, but you can easily change this range of dates to the next 2 weeks, the current week (Monday-Sunday or Sunday-Saturday, depending on the start day settings for your weekly planner), or a custom date range. 

Try it out!

You can also:

Fine tune your shopping list by sorting, combining, and grouping items on your list

Organize your list items into different grocery stores

Organize the categories (aisles) on your shopping list

Get your list ready: Print, export, or view your shopping list

Reference the Staples List so that non-food items are not forgotten



How do I make a shopping list?